Protecting You Against Foreclosure, Lawsuits, Repossession And Other forms Of Harassment From Creditors

During bankruptcy, you need every help you can get and there is no bigger help that you can get under such circumstances than having a brilliant attorney working in your interest. There is a lot at stake in cases where clients attach their property to loans and at times creditors can even reach out for valuable possessions to liquidate and clear the debts owed. We have offices in Irving, Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth. A good attorney is the one who will ensure that every detail of your bankruptcy case is accurate and in your best interest. Bankruptcy has the advantage of protecting you against foreclosure, lawsuits, repossession and other forms of harassment from creditors.

A number of creditors have the tendency of making threatening calls, leaving threatening voicemails or even using law suits to push their debtors into paying as fast as possible. Obtaining our services in good time will serve as a relief to you because you can be sure that the very first action that we will take is to secure an injunction against such kinds of pressure. We believe that no matter how deeply indebted you are, you still deserve to live a decent life with your valuables intact. The law provides for security to home owners because they can never have their homes liquidated regardless of how cheap or costly the home is. Other essentials such as vehicles can be secured through the necessary court injunctions such as “automatic stay”.

We also know how to go about negotiating for the most suitable payment plans for our clients. Such payments can last for 3-5 months in case of Chapter 7 and between 3 years and 5 years in case of Chapter 13. Our services are available 24/7 and in case of an emergency, you can contact us by simply making a call to us. In addition, you can talk to irving bankruptcy lawyers via our online live chat.

We have been in the business for more than 25 years and we have satisfactorily served thousands of clients across Texas and you can be sure that you receive an equally exemplary service. Under Texas state law, you can defend your bankruptcy-related cases in any court of your choice unlike other states which do not have such a provision. In addition, cases filed in Texas give debtors a rare opportunity to use both state and federal law provisions selectively in their interest. It is hard enough that you are faced with bankruptcy. Don’t gamble and make things harder by gambling with your choice of bankruptcy attorney.